FAQs Sensors


All the most common sensors (anemometers, wind vanes, etc.) used in wind & solar resource assessment are compatible with the EOL Zenith.

Click here to download the list of sensors compatible with the EOL Zenith.

If you have a specific sensor you want to connect to the EOL Zenith which is not already on this list, feel free to contact our technical support.

This depends on the type of barometer. If you use the e.g. Setra M276 sensor (output in voltage) you need to increase the cable section from 0,5mm2 to 2.5 mm2 to avoid signal loss.

Unlike most other barometers the frequency output from the K611P barometer however ensures signal integrity from the top of the met mast all the way down to the data logger at the bottom. You do therefore not need to increase the cable section when using this sensor. The K611P barometer is therefore, in most cases, the most cost effective overall solution (saving you costs on cable).

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