Some of our most challenging and interesting projects carried out together with our customers.

Case Study 9 Solar Measurement. Photovoltaic / Iberdrola 20MW

In the year 2008 Kintech Engineering was contracted to install what was to become our first meteorological met towers for controlling 6 separate photovoltaic solar farms for Iberdrola (a total of 18 meteorological masts). Some of them with fixed structures and others mounted on dual axe sun trackers. The biggest of the solar farms (located in Abertura, Caceres) with 20MW was at that time the world’s biggest solar farm with double axe sun trackers.

Case Study 8 / MK Fintel - Serbia

In 2008 MK Fintel Wind started measuring on 3 locations by means of 80 meter lattice masts equipped with data loggers from Kintech Engi­neering and high quality anemometers and wind vanes. MK Fintel Wind has now successfully constructed the first wind farm in the Banat region and is currently in the process of constructing their second windfarm in Podunavlje based on data measured with equipment from Kintech Engineering.

For more information download the pdf file here below.

Case Study 7 / ENEL - Solar Resource Assessment Benban Project 2015

As part of the Benban project in Egypt, Kintech Engineering supplied instrumentation for a solar resource assessment campaign. The measurement station was designed for a complete solar resource campaign including autonomous power supply, intelligent on/off system, sun tracker and pyranometers from Hukseflux. The EOL Zenith data logger, equipped with GPRS communication and GPS synchronization, was used to collect all the data with 24 hour remote access for our customer.

Case Study 6 / 140 meter lattice mast, Sowitec, Germany

Late last year, 2014, a leading wind power company Sowitec installed the tallest lattice mast for wind resource assessment in the region of Reutlingen in the south of Germany. Given the high-valuable data to be collected from the 140 meter tall mast it was equipped with the EOL Zenith data logger. Data is being collected from temperature, humidity and pressure sensors as well as wind vanes and seven anemometers installed at three different levels - 80, 110 and 140 meters. Data is being downloaded directly by Sowitec through our data logger management software, EOL Manager.

Case Study 5 / Concentrating Solar Power, Badajoz, Spain (SAMCA Group)

In 2006 the SAMCA business group, undertakes an ambitious concentrating solar power project in Spain. Their mission, to study the conditions of direct radiation at different latitudes of the Spanish geography (Aragón, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León, Extremadura and Andalusia). 

Kintech Engineering was involved in this project from the very beginning completing the installation of 13 stations for solar resource assessment. All stations were equipped with automatic sun tracker for obtaining direct solar radiation data, diffuse and global radiation as well as sensors for measuring both relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and temperature.

Case Study 4 / 369MW Windfarms, Björkhöjden + Ögonfägnaden Sweden, Site Calibration

Two new wind farms will be built in Jämtland and Västernorrland counties, northeast of Östersund in Sweden. Björkhöjden wind farm will have an installed capacity of 270 MW and will start operations in two stages, in 2014 and 2015. Ögonfägnaden wind farm with its 99 MW will be completed as early as 2014. A total of 123 wind turbines will be erected, each with an output of 3 MW. All the wind measurement instrumentation and lattice masts (a total of six 113 meter masts) for these sites were supplied by Kintech Engineering together with a partner company for the installation of the met masts.

Case Study 3 / 670MW Windfarms, Trondheim Norway, Wind Resource Assessment

Very proud to inform that Kintech Engineering supplied wind resource equipment for what will now become Europe’s largest onshore wind project to date - 1 GW windfarm near Trondheim. Kintech Engineering was contracted by a consultant to supply wind measurement instrumentation including data loggers, remote GPRS communication, and complete set of sensors for a total of 13 measurement locations.

Case Study 2 / 180MW Windfarm, Hammerfest Norway, Wind Resource Assessment

This project is a joint venture between Fred Olsen Renewables and Finnmark Kraft AS. It is located in the municipality of Kvalsund, County of Finnmark. Based on a 180 MW layout, the production is estimated at 558 GWh, corresponding to the electricity consumption of roughly 27,900 Norwegian households. Kintech Engineering was appointed by a consultant to supply instrumentation and installation of a 80m wind measuring mast in Falesrassa 1 Wind Farm near Hammarfest, Norway. The area is cold climate and icing conditions are severe.

Case Study 1 / Wind Resource Assessment / Egypt

The project is being developed by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and Masdar. The electricity generated from the project will be supplied to the Unified Electric Grid in Egypt thereby replacing electricity that would otherwise have been generated from conventional power plants using fossil fuel. The project will be implemented in cooperation between NREA and DANIDA and is located approx. 200 km south east of Cairo on the Red Sea coast approximately 80 km south of the Suez in a desert area with no settlements in the direct vicinity. Because of the high level of importance of this project and the remote region, Kintech Engineering was appointed by a consultant to supply 3 complete turnkey wind measurement stations consisting of 90 meter lattice masts (installed by one of our partners) equipped with EOL Zenith data loggers, satellite modems for remote communication and high quality anemometers and wind vanes from Thies Clima.