Kintech Engineering develops data acquisitions systems and monitoring software exclusively for wind & solar measurement systems. Our user friendly and highly reliable data loggers are applied by wind developers, wind farm operators and research institutes worldwide. With the help of our partners and global network of installers we can assist you with complete measurement systems. Everything from data loggers, remote communication and sensors all the way down to installation of the lattice mast, operation and maintenance.

In mid-2011 Kintech Engineering received the Innovation Award from the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) in collaboration with the Spanish Technology Platform REOLTEC for our comprehensive studies into new turbulence intensity calculations.

Kintech Engineering is currently manufacturing:

  • Wind data logger EOL Zenith (complying with IEC.61400.12.1)
  • Satellite Communication Module
  • Ultrasonic Communication Module
  • Modbus Communication Module
  • 1 Hz Original Data Module
  • Data loggers for general purposes, water levels, GPS tracking etc.
  • A variety of sensors for wind and solar measurement
  • GPS synchronization unit for obstruction lights

Kintech Engineering is also distributing:

  • A variety of anemometers and wind vanes e.g. Thies Clima
  • A variety of temperature, humidity and pressure sensors e.g. Galltec
  • Solar radiation sensors e.g. Kipp & Zonen and Hukseflux

Kintech Engineering has subsidiaries in USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Chile, and a branch office in India. We offer extensive after-sales services to our customers in more than 60 countries, including advice on instrumentation and unique applications as well as light wind data analysis.

We also offer to manage the daily/weekly data transmissions from your wind resource assessment masts (e.g. from data loggers equipped with Iridium satellite communication)

Kintech Engineering is an active member of the following wind energy associations:

  • AEE (Spanish Wind Energy Association)
  • EWEA (European Wind Energy Association)
  • TWEA (Turkish Wind Energy Association)
  • ABEEólica (Brazilian Wind Energy Association)
  • KWEIA (Wind Energy Industry Association in Korea)

The better the quality of the components for a wind assessment campaign, the better the results. “Keep in mind that a variation of 0.1 m/s in the average wind speed can be equivalent to almost 100 hours of nominal power per year”.