What is Soiling loss? This term refers to the power lost due to snow, dirt, dust and other particles that cover the PV module surface.

The short-circuit current, essential characteristic of the PV panels, is proportional to the PV panels effective radiation. By comparing the short circuit current of a “clean“ PV panel to the “soiled“ PV panel, and compensating for PV panel temperature we can estimate the exact effect of soiling.

  • Dedicated Soiling Rate Python Script
  • Full Compatibility with EOL Zenith Logger
  • Precision Temperature & SC Current Sensors

The Soiling Measurement Kit supplied by Kintech Engineering allows users to estimate the site-specific effects of soiling on PV modules. (Will be available soon)

Current sensor type: Shunt resistor + Current sense amplifier
Output signals type: Analog Signal (Slope=200)
Shunt Resistor: 0.05Ohm +/-0.1%
Current range measurement: ±1 A
Gain Error: 0.20% (max)
Gain Drift: 2.5 ppm/°C (max)
Offset Voltage: ±25 μV (max)
Offset Drift: 250 nV/°C (max)
V supply: 12Vdc
Temperature range: -40...+85 ºC