The assessment of wind and solar resources is one of the most important phases in the development of a renewable energy project. The data obtained determines project viability. To obtain the most accurate results possible it is critical to use the best possible equipment for producing reliable data.

The right choice and correct positioning of the sensors incl. the anemometers and wind vanes is of vital importance to a successful wind measurement campaign. Mistakes here could lead to miscalculations and easily change the p-value for your project. In energy yield assessments the p-value describes the probability of matching or exceeding the calculated energy yields and this p-value is strongly influenced by uncertainties such as an incorrectly-installed wind measurement system. The higher the uncertainties in a wind measurement campaign, the lower the p-90 value.

We recommend using individually calibrated sensors. All the anemometers we supply are calibrated and classified according to international standards, including MEASNET.

The better the quality of the components for a wind assessment campaign, the better the results. 

Click here to download the list of sensors compatible with the EOL Zenith.


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