Delta-T SPN1


The SPN1 measures Global (Total) and diffuse radiation and Sunshine Duration – in one instrument. It is an affordable alternative to shade-ring pyranometers, pyrheliometers and traditional sunshine recorders.

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The Sunshine Pyranometer is a patented, meteorological class instrument, with built-in heater, designed for long-term outdoor exposure.

The Sunshine Pyranometer uses an array of seven, miniature thermopile sensors and a computer-generated shading pattern to measure the direct and diffuse components of incident solar radiation. The shading pattern and thermopiles are arranged so that at least one thermopile is always fully exposed to the solar beam, and at least one is fully shaded from it, regardless of the position of the sun in the sky. All seven thermopiles receive an equal amount of diffuse light. From the individual thermopile readings, a microprocessor calculates the global and diffuse horizontal irradiance and from these values an estimate of sunshine state is made.

• Global (Total) and Diffuse irradiance in W.m-2
• WMO sunshine threshold: 120 W.m-2 direct beam
• No routine adjustment or polar alignment
• No moving parts, shade rings or motorized tracking
• Works at any latitude

Overall accuracy: Total (Global)
and Diffuse radiation
±5% Daily integrals

±5% ±10 W.m-2 Hourly averages

±8% ±10 W.m-2 Individual readings

Resolution0.6 W.m-2 =0.6 mV
Range0 to >2000 W.m-2
Analogue output sensitivity1 mV=1 W.m-2
Analogue output range0 – 2500 mV
Sunshine status threshold120 W.m-2 in the direct beam
Accuracy: Sunshine status±10% sun hours with respect to the threshold
Accuracy: Cosine correction±2% of incoming radiation over 0-90° Zenith angle
Accuracy: Azimuth angle±5% over 360° rotation
Temperature coefficient0.02% per °C (typical)
Temperature range-40 to + 70°C
StabilityRecalibration recommended every 2 years
Response time100 ms (typical)
Spectral response400 – 2700 nm
Spectral sensitivity variation10% (typical)
Non-linearity< 1%
Tilt responseNegligible
Zero offsets< 3 W.m-2 for a change of 5°C/hr in ambient temperature
< 3 W.m-2 dark reading
Latitude capability-90° to + 90°
Environmental sealingIP67
Sunshine status outputNo sun=open circuit
Sun=short circuit to ground
Power requirement2 mA (awake ), <30 µA (asleep) 5 V – 15 V DC
Heater power12 V – 15 VDC, up to 1.5 A
RS232 connector5-pin M12
Signal output & power-in connector8 pin M12
Mounting options3 x M5 tapped holes in base at 108 mm dia, 120° spacing
Size & Weight126 mm dia. x 94 mm high, 786g

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