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Atlas. Not just a download tool

Wind resource specialists use Atlas to supervise data loggers for wind resource assessment

Intelligent sensor status, data availability calendar, authorized role-based access control, advanced alarms and automated triggers are just some of the features helping wind resource specialist to manage their fleet of data loggers.

Atlas Mobile

A powerful new tool to make it even easier for our customers to communicate with the Orbit 360 Premium data logger from anywhere, at any time.

Get real-time sensor output, battery voltage, backup systems status, GPS operation and logger condition directly to your phone.

Available for both iOS and Android.

Data loggers for industry specialists

Flexible yet easy to use for both wind and solar measurements

Our toughest and smartest data logger. Carefully designed for specialists in wind & solar resource assessment. 39 channels, 3 RS-485 ports, access via mobile app, alarms and actuators, ethernet port, Modbus TCP and RTU and more

Data logger accessories

A list of accessories for you to get the best possible results from your measurement campaign.

Our accessories include a wide range of products including cabinets, satellite communication modules, wiring panels, batteries, sensor cables, solar power supply system, etc. more

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We support the renewable industry with products for wind resource assessment, solar monitoring, solar resource assessment and wind farm operation.

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