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Our toughest and smartest data logger as of today. Designed for industry professionals in wind & solar resource assessment. New Smart Power Management. High capacity internal lithium battery. Ethernet port. RS-485 compatible. Advanced Sensor History Tracking. New desktop software with optional multi user control.

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The Orbit 360 is an evolution on our already proven logger technology. Beside it being easier than ever to configure and install, it brings several new significant features for more flexibility and for even further enhanced reliability.

The Orbit 360 includes a new Ethernet port and is now fully compatible with RS-485 smart sensors. Additionally, it includes expanded redundant memory, fail-safe power plug and a new powerful internal lithium backup battery that, in combination with the new “smart power management”, ensures “emergency” autonomy for up to 100 days.

Reliability and usability are key elements for a successful measurement campaign. Which is why we are bringing a greatly improved version of our desktop management software together with a significantly improved approach for setting up your fleet of data loggers.

The new Orbit 360 is designed for the industry professionals who is looking for a “top of the class” data logger specifically intended for wind & solar resource assessment.

The technology in use combined with our expertise in advanced technical support, as well as our comprehensive understanding of anemometry makes for a compelling product offering and a segment leading solution for our international customers.


Integrated Modbus TCP
Direct Modbus communication port with ability for remote configuration of Modbus settings. No need for external converter for SCADA communication.

Expanded Backup Memory
Data is stored on an extractable SD memory card (20 years data capacity). In case of emergency, an internal backup memory allows the Orbit 360 to keep storing data for about 100 more days.

More Sensor Channels
New serial sensor integration through 3 integrated RS-485 buses.

Internal High Capacity Backup Battery
New user replaceable internal lithium battery, enabling stand-alone operations for up to 100 days in case the external power supply fails or is disconnected.

Alarms and Automated Triggers
We have added a powerful new alarm feature in Atlas and Orbit 360, allowing users to setup level-based alarms, as well as “differential” triggers based upon the different between two logger channels and independent hysteresis settings. You can even set up automated actions based on the created alarms (e.g. activate the ventilation unit of a pyranometer, or the heating of an anemometer)

Smart Power Management
In combination with the internal backup battery, the Smart Power Management enables extremely low power consumption leading to an extended period of standalone “emergency” operation. Before going into emergency ultra low power mode, the user is notified by means of preprogrammed messages.

Smart Sensor Compatible
You can now connect up to 24 smart sensors directly to the data logger (e.g. Hukseflux SR30, Geovane, Thies First Class Advanced X, Dust IQ Kipp & Zonen, etc.)

Complete External Redesign
Redesigned logger enclosure. Industrial grade keypad. Brighter LEDs. New separate fail-safe power plug.


Atlas is our latest desktop software to manage and connect with your data loggers from Kintech Engineering.

The updated workspace in Atlas lets you track your entire fleet of data loggers and automate all the “daunting” tasks so you can focus on key factors that directly influence you overall data quality of your measurement campaign.

New features such as the optimized connectivity for sites with unreliable GSM connection (smart connection), enhanced sensor status flags with built-in logic, improved real-time connection windows and a new calendar showing daily data availability.

A complete timeline of your site history displaying all your instrument changes, site events and changes to the logger configuration, as well as a world map that shows all your sites are also among the new features in Atlas.

What’s different about the new Atlas framework and the true “game-changer” is that you can now work as a team (Enterprise version). Authorized role-based users can now simultaneously access you central Atlas server to supervise individual data loggers with ease and in a coordinated manner. Changes carried out on the Atlas server are instantaneously reflected on all Atlas clients (all your team members).

Enterprise Version (Multi-User)
Atlas automatically retrieves data from all your wind and solar measurement systems and instantaneously updates your central server. Authorized role-based users can now simultaneously access your central Atlas server to supervise individual data loggers with ease and in a coordinated manner.

User Administration
Comprehensive new feature enabling administrators to create user roles and manage access to individual projects, site history as well as to specific data logger functionalities such as data download, real-time connections… and that’s just to name a few examples.

We have added a powerful new alarms feature in Atlas and Orbit 360, allowing users to setup level-based alarms, as well as “differential” triggers based upon the difference between two logger channels and independent hysteresis settings. You can even setup automated actions based on the created alarms (e.g. activate the ventilation unit of a pyranometer, or the heating of an anemometer or just send a simple email).

 Optimized Connectivity for unreliable GSM (smart connection)
Atlas can now detect when a logger connects to the local GSM network and automatically proceed to download the data stored on-site.

Complete Site History
A new summary page with all the logger and sensor modifications you have done during the entire measurement campaign together with a complete timeline to easily locate site events, logger accesses (both remote and via keypad). This makes it much easier to keep track of when sensors have been added, replaced or re-calibrated.

Alive Status
Atlas automatically updates the main dashboard interface with both logger and battery status (Internet-connected loggers). This happens several times a day and no data download is required. Option only available for Orbit 360.

Enhanced Real Time
We have worked on the status flags to make them more user friendly and increased the information available during a real-time connection. You can now see the exact position of the mast and even take advantage of the already established data connection and “switch to” either download data or upload new settings. Feature available 24/7.

Improved Status Flags
We have worked on the warning and status flags to make them easier to understand and included built-in logic so that Atlas now indicate sensor malfunctions in order of importance.

Updated Workspace
Supervising an entire fleet of data loggers can be a daunting task. Which is why we have “cleaned up” the workspace and reduced the clutter significantly. This lets you focus on key factors that directly influence your overall data quality in your measurement campaign.

Data Availability Calendar
We have added a neat new calendar that indicates daily data availability from each of your measurement systems. This makes it simpler for you to supervise loggers and detect malfunctions.

Upload Photos and Installation Reports
You can now upload photos, installation or maintenance reports or general site documentation to your site history.

Enriched Notes
We have improved the notes in Atlas. Users can now add several notes to each measurement site and they are now being saved with date and time, as well as the author’s name.

Offset-free Wind Direction Data
Atlas automatically assigns your Geovane to its corresponding wind vane and generates a new data column with the true wind direction (offset-free).

INPUTSFrequency Channels
Analog Channels
Extra channels for digital instruments
Total channels
Anemometers, Geovanes, K611P…
Temperature, RH, Pressure, Radiation…
One for every frequency channel
Battery voltage
Pulsating battery voltage
Pulsating 5V
Smart sensors & Modbus (logger master)
10/100 Mbps – BGAN & Modbus (logger slave)
RS485 (logger slave)
5…30 VDC
7.2 VDC (8500 mAh)
Failsafe power plug, reverse polarity protection
Stand-alone operations for up to 100 days without external power supply
Recording interval
Recorded values
Standard deviation
1 HzHighly accurate frequency measurement
Configurable 1, 5 or 10 minutes
Average, st. dev., min., max. for all channels
Calculated for recorded intervals + TI 30 sec. for frequency channels 1 & 2
1…3 sec. precision 0.05 m/s
precision 0.01 m/s
DATA STORAGERemovable memory
Internal memory
Up to 20 years
Up to 100 days
(24 hour access)
GSM/GPRS, Satellite (BGAN or Iridium)
Removable SD card, RS232, Bluetooth (coming soon)
Automatic daily email from logger
(24 hour access)
Atlas Mobile app
Coming Soon (Android & IOS)
SECURITYData encryption
Digital signature
Access logging
All data are encrypted and password protected (config.)
All datasets are digitally signed with GPS coordinates
Remote connections, keypad access with date & time, power on reset, GPS changes
GPS synchronized & geolocated data
LCD w/ 64×128 resolution
New 5 buttons keypad design
SIM Card, MMC memory Card
Modem, GPS, CPU
Power Plug
2Enhanced Sensor Plug Distribution (no more cluttered cables)
New separate failsafe power connector
263 mm x 180 mm x 88 mm
1.8 kg
Polycarbonated plastic
ACCESSORIESWiring panel 2.0
Global Internet SIM Card
Power supply module
Satellite Module
Extra protection from electrostatic discharges &  easier connections of sensors
Global internet connection – Automatic checks for best local GSM operator
PV panel + Solar Charge Regulator + Battery
(BGAN or Iridium)

The Orbit 360 data logger is built on the same robust platform as the EOL Zenith, however, with a series of substantial improvements including direct compatibility with digital instruments, Ethernet port, integrated Modbus (RTU and TCP), alarms and actuators, improved electronic components, more robust keypad, high capacity internal battery, ultralow power mode, maximum and minimum on all analog channels, expanded internal memory etc..

The Orbit 360 models are designed so our customers can easily make the transition from the EOL Zenith to the Orbit 360 product range whilst immediately benefitting from all the new features in the Orbit 360 product range as well as our new fleet management software, Atlas.

Orbit 360 PremiumOrbit 360 Basic PlusEOL Zenith
Frequency Channels (pulse counters)101010
Analog Channels (voltage)151515
Extra channels for digital instruments6 + 8N/AN/A
Total channels392525
Number of simultaneous digital instruments via RS48524 (3 buses x 8)N/AN/A
Alarms and actuatorsN/AN/A
Ethernet PortN/AN/A
Integrated Modbus RTU (RS485)N/AAdd on module
Integrated Modbus TCP (Ethernet)N/AN/A
Atlas Mobile APPN/AN/A
Averaging time (minutes)1, 5, 101, 5, 101, 5, 10
RS485 connectivity (for digital instruments)N/AAdd on module
Maximum & minimum on all channelsN/A
Expanded Internal Backup MemoryN/A
High Capacity Internal Backup BatteryN/A
Ultralow Power ModeN/A
Enhanced Sensor Plug DistributionN/A
Global Internet SIM card available
2G/3G Modem
Compatible with Iridium satellite communication
Compatible with BGAN satellite communication

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