Calibrated Solar Cell


A silicon irradiance sensor is a cost-effective, however rugged and reliable solution to measure solar irradiance and especially useful for monitoring of Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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This photovoltaic reference cell offers an economical but robust and reliable solution for measuring solar irradiance levels, particularly for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The design of these silicon solar irradiation sensors, which corresponds to that of a photovoltaic module, makes these sensors ideally suited as a reference for monitoring photovoltaic systems. The spectral sensitivity, which corresponds to that of photovoltaic modules, and the very similar incident angle modifier, enable a precise analysis of photovoltaic yields using measured values from the sensor.

Power supply

12 – 28V

Power consumption

Typically 2mA

Temperature compensation

Output signal

0 – 5V

Cell temperature output signal

0 – 5V (-40 a + 90ºC)

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