True North orientation of turbines. Live. Every Day. All year

Eliminates expensive third-party alignment services


True North for turbines. Live. Every Day. All year

Eliminates expensive third-party alignment services

Incorrect north alignment of wind turbines can lead to erroneous performance assessment of wind turbines as well as suboptimal wind sector management.

We have a unique solution that now gives you, the wind farm operator, access to the live True North orientation of your individual wind turbines!

NO True North Alignment

misalignment problems

Turbine misalignment

Wind turbine misalignment and alignment degradation during the operational lifetime of a wind turbine are both common issues that wind farm operators battle with.

Since the individual turbines do not have a common reference point, wind farm operators try to solve this issue by performing periodic alignment of wind turbines (either via manual onsite alignment or by using third-party services).

However, given the nature of this misalignment, these periodic alignment corrections can be an expensive and unfortunately only temporary solution to the problem.

True North Alignment

with Geovane WT


  • Eliminates the need for expensive third-party alignment services

  • Resolves issues related to alignment degradation over time

  • Establishes an identical True North reference point for all wind turbines

  • Forms the new basis for accurate wind sector management

  • Permits improved wake control

  • Provides highly improved turbine-to-turbine performance assessment

  • Permits improved shadow curtailment

  • Easy installation and straightforward integration

Geovane Wind Turbine

Highly accurate and consistent True North data directly to you, the wind farm operator. No moving parts and maintenance free. Direct data feed via RS-485.

With the Geovane WT you can now precisely determine the true orientation of every single wind turbine in your wind farms.

How it works

The Geovane WT is equipped with 16 high-resolution optoelectronic sensors composed of 2048 light-sensing pixels for accurately measuring True North using the position of the sun.

Once installed on the turbine, the Geovane WT will provide live data to the (e.g. SCADA system) and enable you as the wind farm operator to get instant True North alignment data from individual wind turbines.

Line it up!

With the included laser installation tool and alignment collar, the Geovane WT is initially lined up with the turbine nacelle in the back of the wind turbine, together with the rest of the turbine control sensors.

Installation Guide

See how the included laser installation tool is used to fasten the alignment collar on the turbine sensor pipe.

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