Iridium Satellite Module


Kintech Engineering offers two alternative satellite solutions, Iridium and BGAN. The Iridium Satellite Module from Kintech Engineering is fully compatible with the Orbit 360 data logger. It functionally supports all of Iridium’s data services and easily integrates into a wide variety of applications through a RS232 serial interface and AT command set.

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Kintech Engineering offers two alternative satellite solutions, Iridium and BGAN. Either solution enables you to connect with data loggers installed in remote locations without GSM coverage while maintaining full compatibility with the other features and accessories of our data loggers, including:

  • Live data connections
  • Remote modifications to logger settings incl. firmware upgrades
  • Automatic data download
  • GPS coordinates
  • Windfarm Monitoring Module 

Iridium Module

Enables bi-directional communication with the data logger. This communication module requires a single central Iridium satellite modem (installed on the roof) and a data logger equipped with the Iridium Satellite Module.

  • Communication in minutes
  • One connection at a time
  • Central modem needed
  • 66 non-geostationary satellites
  • Easy antenna installation
  • Omni directional L-band antenna

Kintech Engineering offers several bundles of Iridium satellite minutes. Depending on data logger settings, sensor configuration and download frequency use of satellite minutes may vary.



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