We are presenting our new Data Logger, the Orbit 360

We are presenting our new Data Logger, the Orbit 360

We have been working on it for a while, and it is now here.

Orbit 360

Our toughest and smartest data logger as of today. Designed for industry professionals in wind & solar resource assessment. New Smart Power Management. High capacity internal lithium battery. Ethernet port. RS-485 compatible. Advanced Sensor History Tracking. New desktop software with optional multi user control.


The Orbit 360 is an evolution on our already proven logger technology. Beside it being easier than ever to configure and install, it brings several new significant features for more flexibility and for even further enhanced reliability.

The Orbit 360 includes a new Ethernet port and is now fully compatible with RS-485 smart sensors. Additionally, it includes expanded redundant memory, fail-safe power plug and a new powerful internal lithium backup battery that, in combination with the new “smart power management”, ensures “emergency” autonomy for up to 150 days.

Reliability and usability are key elements for a successful measurement campaign. Which is why we are bringing a greatly improved version of our desktop management software together with a significantly improved approach for setting up your fleet of data loggers.

The new Orbit 360 is intended for the industry professionals who is looking for a “top of the class” data logger specifically intended for wind & solar resource assessment.

The technology in use combined with our expertise in advanced technical support, as well as our comprehensive understanding of anemometry makes for a compelling product offering and a segment leading solution for our international customers.




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