The NRG 40 anemometer is designed for the acquisition of wind speed.

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The NRG 40 anemometer is designed for the acquisition of wind speed.


The 40C bearings and low moment of inertia permit very rapid response to gusts and lulls. A four-pole magnet induces a sine wave voltage into a coil, producing an output signal with frequency proportional to wind speed.


The 40H is based on the NRG 40 C. This Hall Effect version is engineered for electrically noisy environments and instrumentation that requires a square wave signal.

The 40H’s Hall Effect switch produces a high-level square wave voltage signal with a frequency proportional to wind speed. This signal is easy to interface to a wide range of industrial devices including turbine controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and data loggers. A 5-26V DC excitation voltage with 5 mA of current is required.

Both of the anemometers are constructed of rugged Lexan cups, the 40H is molded in one piece for repeatable performance. A PVC terminal boot is included with each anemometer for additional protection from the elements.

The specifications below are from the NRG 40C

Sensor type3 Cup Anemometer
ApplicationsWind resource assessment
Meteorological studies
Environmental monitoring
Sensor range1 m/s to 96 m/s
Signal typeLow level AC sine wave, frequency linearly proportional to wind speed
Anemometer Transfer FunctionConsensus Transfer Function:
Scale Factor (Slope): 0.765 m/s/Hz
Offset: 0.35 m/s
Output voltage at threshold80 mV (peak-to-peak) minimum
Output voltage at 60Hz12 V (peak-to-peak) typical
Output amplitude NOT proportional to wind speed
Output amplitude NOT proportional to wind speed
Output signal range0 Hz to 125 Hz (at 96m/s, highest recorded)
Distance constant (63% recovery)2.55 m at 5m/s per ASTM D 5096-02
2.56 m at 10m/s per ASTM D 5096-02
Swept diameter of rotor190 mm
MountingOnto a 13 mm diameter mast with cotter pin and set screw
Tools required0.25 inch nut driver, petroleum jelly, electrical tape
Operating temperature range-55 °C to 60 °C
Operating humidity range0 to 100% RH
Connections4-40 brass hex nut/post terminals
Weight0.14 kg
Dimensions3 cups of conical cross-section, 51 mm dia.
81 mm overall assembly height
CupsOne piece injection-molded black polycarbonate
BodyHousing is black ABS plastic
ShaftBeryllium copper, fully hardened
BearingModified Teflon, self-lubricating
MagnetIndox 1, 25 mm diameter, 13 mm long, 4 poles
CoilSingle coil, bobbin wound, 4100 turns of #40 wire, shielded for ESD protection
BootProtective PVC sensor terminal boot included

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