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All our data loggers are suitable to work in extreme climates.

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All data loggers manufactured by Kintech Engineering are suitable to work in extreme climates (from the extreme cold in the North of Norway to extreme heat in Saudi Arabia). This is thanks to the carefully designed electronics combined with the robustness and reliability of the components used in our data loggers.

Given that power consumption requirements of a met station, depends on the sensor configuration, communication mode and setup of the met station, a single power supply solution for all met stations is not possible.

We do however recommend using a flotation (back-up) sealed lead-acid battery (12VDC). This type of battery has no maintenance and can be transported in any orientation.

If you are using an internet / GSM connection to your data logger, we recommend using a 40Ah battery.

The EOL Zenith data logger does not have an internal battery. External power supply is therefore essential for proper operation.

The Orbit 360 data logger does have an internal backup battery, however this is only meant for emergency backup and an external power supply is therefore also necessary for proper operation.

See the FAQ section for recommendations on solar panels and charge regulator connections.

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