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The SR30 Pyranometer from Hukseflux  is a digital pyranometer compatible with the Orbit 360 data logger.

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Product Description

A digital pyranometer compatible with the Orbit 360 data logger.

The digital SR30 Pyranometer offers the highest accuracy and highest data availability: featuring new Recirculating Ventilation and Heating (RVH™) technology, SR30 outperforms all pyranometers equipped with traditional ventilation systems. It is the first pyranometer compliant in its standard configuration with Class A requirements of the new IEC 61724-1 standard. SR30 is “Secondary Standard” in the ISO 9060:1990 standard and “Spectrally Flat Class A” in the upcoming ISO 9060:2018 revision. It is the ideal instrument for use in PV system performance monitoring and meteorological networks.

Measurand:Hemispherical solar radiation
  • National Meteorological Networks
  • PV monitoring commercial and utility scale
  • PV monitoring small sized
  • Meteorology / climatology
  • Other
Heater:with RVH Recirculating Ventilation and Heating
ISO 9060:2018 classification:Class A (secondary standard)
IEC 61724-1:2017 compliance:Class A
Output:Modbus RS-485
Calibration uncertainty:< 1.2 % (k = 2)
Zero offset a:< 2 W/m²
Calibration traceability:to WRR
Calibration registers:accessible to users
Spectral range:285 to 3000 x 10⁻⁹ m
Sensitivity (nominal):15 x 10⁻⁶ V/(W/m²)
Rated operating temperature range:-40 to +80 °C
Standard cable length:5 m
Temperature response:<± 1 % (-10 to +40 °C) and <± 0.4 % (-30 to +50 °C) with correction in data processing
Temperature response test of individual instrument:report included
Directional response test of individual instrument:report included
Temperature sensor:Pt100 or 10 kΩ thermistor
Tilt sensor test of individual instrument:report included
Rated operating voltage:5 to 30 VDC range
Optional operation in low power mode::
Operating condition:heater and ventilator [OFF] in low power mode
Zero offset a:5 W/m² (unventilated) in low power mode
Power consumption:< 0.1 W at 12 VDC in low power mode
Output:irradiance in W/m², instrument body temperature in °C, tilt angle in °, internal humidity in % and ventilator speed in RPM
Communication protocol:Modbus over 2-wire RS-485
Transmission mode:RTU

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