Drone in FULL HD climbs to 112.5 meters

Drone in FULL HD climbs to 112.5 meters

As with several other projects where the Geovane has been put to use, on this project the Geovane was installed on an existing met mast and used to verify the existing wind direction dataset (measured with two existing wind vanes). The objective was to accurately determine, in accordance with the new IEC 61.400.12.1, the uncertainty of the wind direction measurement

What was the procedure that was followed to find the true wind direction at the site?

  1. Geovane + Thies FC wind vane were coupled and aligned using the built-in laser of the Geovane.*
  2. A new boom equipped with the Geovane + Thies FC wind vane unit was added to the met mast. This new boom was positioned at 112.5 meters (in between the two already existing wind vanes on the mast).
  3. The Geovane and the Thies FC wind vane were connected to the respective channels of the data logger.
  4. Immediately from day one, the Geovane started gathering data. It was left there for an approximate period of 3 weeks in which the Geovane was able to take more than 12000 measurement points, accurately determining True North with an uncertainty of less than 1º.**


By comparing wind direction data from the two existing wind vanes with the data from the Geovane + Thies FC it was found that the former True North offset was an astonishing 14º degrees, even though there was no offset in between the two original wind vanes.

For more information on this project or if you are looking for a similar solution please contact our sales department on export@kintech-engineering.com or our research and development engineer Rafael Tallada on rafael.tallada@kintech-engineering.com.


* This was done by technicians at Kintech Engineering. An alignment certificate was issued to the customer. No alignment of the Geovane + wind vane was necessary on site. See procedure in user manual for aligning the Geovane with a windvane.

** See test results from Moeller Operating Engineering GmbH independent performance verification.


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