Say Hello to the K620A Cup Anemometer!

Say Hello to the K620A Cup Anemometer!

You wanted a cost-effective cup anemometer without compromising on precision and data quality? You got it. We are announcing our new cup anemometer, the K620A.

With our 20-year experience in the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for wind & solar resource assessment, this is another step in our efforts to offer a wide range of high-quality instruments and services that meet the needs of our global customers.


  • Individual factory wind tunnel calibration 4-16 m/s (Measnet recommended measurement range)
  • The K620A anemometer is a cost-effective sensor
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminium
  • Resistant injection molded polycarbonate cups
  • Manufactured in the European Union
  • Highly resistant ball bearings
  • Easy assembly plug
  • Low level AC sine wave output signal (no power consumption)
  • Optional three-per-box packaging. Ensures safe and cost-effective transportation.

Wind resource assessment, solar resource assessment, solar monitoring, meteorology and environmental monitoring.

For more information about the K620A Cup Anemometer please contact our sales team on: or +34 976 221 789


About Kintech Engineering
At Kintech Engineering we develop and manufacture segment leading data acquisition systems and sensors for wind & solar resource assessment. Our systems are used globally by industry professionals to acquire high accuracy data for optimal project development.


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