Windfarm Communication Module


This module is only required for the EOL Zenith data logger.

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Product Description

This module is only required for the EOL Zenith data logger.

With this add-on module, real-time (one-second) data can be collected from the EOL Zenith® Data Logger and made available to the SCADA system through the MODBUS TCP protocol to help wind farm operators analyze the performance of turbines within a wind farm.

The MODBUS TCP protocol module used in the EOL Zenith® Data Logger is the most common protocol and one of the most widely-supported industrial serial communication protocols used in modern SCADA systems.
Key features of the Modbus module for the EOL Zenith® Data Logger:

• Real-time data provides one-second samples to the SCADA system through MODBUS TCP protocol
• Statistical data including 1, 5, & 10 min data values can be downloaded as usual via GSM/GPRS

Apart from the key features the Modbus module offers, all the standard options on the data logger are available, such as a GPS controlled clock and synchronization.

The Modbus module includes an RS-232 communications port in addition to the standard communications port on the data logger.

There is a wide variety of hardware communication devices that adapt different communication protocols to the RS232 input port on the EOL Zenith® front panel. Examples of these devices are optic fiber, radio-modems and RS485.

How it works
The Modbus Master request the contents of the selected holding registers, and as soon as the logger receives this request it sends the requested data. With the EOL Manager Software, you can even manually setup which calculated variables in the logger you want to provide in the SCADA.

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