New Order For PV System Performance Monitoring

New Order For PV System Performance Monitoring

It is a pleasure to announce that Kintech Engineering has been selected as the winner for the supply of 15 complete solar monitoring stations, considered as Class A in accordance with the IEC 61724-1 standard.

The solar monitoring stations will be installed on 5 separate photovoltaic solar plants with a total capacity of 240MW.

  • Solar Plant Escatrón 30, Mocatero: 40,174 MWp.
  • Solar Plant Escatrón 40, Ignis: 49,876 MWp.
  • Solar Plant Escatrón 50, Mediomonte: 49,876 MWp.
  • Solar Plant Aragón 3.1.1, Hazaña: 49,876 MWp.
  • Solar Plant Aragón 3.1.2, Talento: 49,876 MWp

The monitoring stations will include two SR30 class A pyranometers from Hukseflux equipped with both heating and ventilation as well as temperature sensors, K620A cup anemometers, wind vanes and rain gauges. The customer (an EPC company) will be responsible for the engineering, procurement and the construction of the solar plants and has chosen our Orbit 360 for the data acquisition system. The Orbit 360 data logger enables connections to smart sensors such as the SR30 pyranometer from Hukseflux as well as simultaneous SCADA connections via both Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

Thank you to everybody involved in the process.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our products or services in solar please feel free to contact:

Daniel Garcia
Senior Manager, Solar
+34 976 221 789

About Kintech Engineering

At Kintech Engineering we develop and manufacture segment leading data acquisition systems and sensors for wind & solar resource assessment. Our systems are used globally by industry professionals to acquire high accuracy data for optimal project development.



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