Solar Monitoring Brazil, 150MW

Solar Monitoring Brazil, 150MW

Kintech Engineering was contracted to supply 5 complete solar measurement stations including sensors for measuring plane-of-array (POA) irradiance for the Guaiembe project in Brazil.

Each solar met station consists of a 3 meter lattice mast equipped with booms to fit four secondary standard pyranometers, one wind vane and one anemometer as well as rain gauge and temperature and humidity sensors.

Separately, two calibrated solar cells and 10 surface mounted temperature sensors were installed on the nearest photovoltaic panel.

All the sensors were connected to the EOL Zenith data logger for data storage with the customer having direct access via the solar farm SCADA system and 24 hour remote access via GSM.

About Kintech Engineering

At Kintech Engineering we develop and manufacture segment leading data acquisition systems and sensors for wind & solar resource assessment. Our systems are used globally by industry professionals to acquire high accuracy data for optimal project development.

Our highly passionate and multinational team with employees from Spain, Mexico, Ghana, Jordan, Denmark, Chile, Brazil, Turkey, China and India is working relentlessly to constantly improve both usability and reliability of our products and services for wind & solar resource assessment.

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